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The Gumbo Jass Band was born in 1998. Since then, the band consists of six musicians whose prestige is known over the national area. They have bet on keeping and spreading the most first-borned jazz,
borned in the 20th century in New Orleans city.
All over these years, the Gumbo Jass Band has performed sucessfully all around a big number of
Catalan and Spanish cities. It has currently become a stable and respected band in the classic and traditional community of Jazz.

Why Gumbo?

Gumbo is a type of thick soup typical of the city of

New Orleans. The base is made with pods and seeds

of a plant of African origin called Okra and seasoned with typical ingredients of the earth.

Gumbo, besides being genuine, symbolizes the mixture of very diverse cultures, which was the origin of this delicious meal as well as the creation of new music,

the JAZZ!!!

Why Jass?

Because originally it was called like this. In popular jargon he was related to the sexual act and for that reason the press of the time grants the qualifier to

him of infamous music that made it happen to be called Jazz.

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